• Brothers4:51
  • Run5:32
  • Corale2:04
  • The Earth Prelude5:01
  • L'origine nascosta3:11
  • Time Lapse5:32
  • I giorni6:50
  • Fairytale3:59
  • Le onde5:36
  • Melodia Africana III4:45
  • Life4:22
  • Walk3:27
  • Discovery At Night4:25
  • Orbits2:57
  • Two Trees6:26
  • Newton's Cradle7:53
  • Bever4:01
  • Waterways4:17
  • Sarabande4:14
  • Experience5:15
  • Underwood4:13
  • Burning4:59
  • The Dark Bank of Clouds3:11
  • Ronald's Dream3:45
  • Corale Solo2:47

​​​​​​​​© ​2021 Michiyo Kurosawa

The Burning Romance

Liverpool, England

Taken in 2014

It was a trip to Liverpool. The Music Played,
Candles lighted up the space with beats from the music. The romance touched my beating heart.

Belvedere II

Vienna, Austria

Taken in 2019

Box Hill Cafe, National Trust
Surrey, England

Taken on the 30th October 2018

The Photos of Everyday Life

The beauty we live in, the photographic technique can freeze the moment to appreciate further detail that we might have missed in daily life.

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Windows of Wisdom I, II & III

Sternberg, ​Germany

Taken in 2014


Anti Pegida March Protest I & II

Newcastle, England

Taken in 2015