The Modern Architecture

The beauty of ancient architecture,
Its tradition is protected, maintained, admired and destroyed.
The taste of modernity and history relied on humanity.
The ancient beauty might have gone from the site but its concept remains.
The history and existence will forever be staying in our memory.

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The Burning Romance

The Music Played,
Candles lighted up the space with beats from the music.

The romance touched my beating heart.

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I love you.
And I have found you.
It’s been so long since I felt you.
I felt your heart without you.
I am here without you.
I live without you. 
I go without you. 
I feel your heart without you. 
I have your soul without you. 
You have my heart without you.
I will find you without you.
Can I find him if I see you?
Will you help me to find him if I see you again? 
Will I find you in my next life?

I was looking for you for a long time. 
I felt your heart without you.
I found you. 
I can see your heart.
You have a young heart.
I can feel your heart with you.
I remember the first date,

the first time you hugged me. 
It is hard to forget. 
Now I can feel you.

When rhyme continues,

I comprehend repeating patterns.

There weren/t  change

but the predictable persistency in the future.

 I shall move on to seek for the new rhyme.

Your Uniqueness

Maybe I am the only one.
Perhaps I thought I was the only one.
Maybe between people in the crowd,

it is difficult to notice me.
Perhaps between the normality,

I was the only one.
But the inner beauty is the uniqueness.
Please accept the beauty that I have for you.
Someday, When I am standing between people.
The commonness in your eyes becomes the uniqueness.
In your eyes, other uniqueness,

will become the normality.

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When there is as much love as I can to pour into your heart,

there is as much pain as I can receive from to the act of love.

I visualised the beautiful memories we created in front of my eyes. 

Suddenly the wine spilt on the table,

it broke the silence in the sphere.

I remembered the tears in my eyes were caused by your disrespectful acts before. 

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